Twins Struggle to Break the Braves’ Hold at CoolToday Park Despite Pitcher Bailey Ober’s Strong Outing

Twins struggle to find footing in shutout loss during exhibition game

Despite good signs from pitcher Bailey Ober, who struck out six in 4⅓ innings, the Twins fell to the Braves 4-0 at CoolToday Park in North Port, Florida. This marked their fifth consecutive Grapefruit League loss and their 11th straight loss at the five-year-old park. The Twins have never won a game at CoolToday Park and have been outscored 62-23 in those games.

The regular season will bring a fresh start for the Twins, who will take on the Braves in their final spring training game before heading to Kansas City for the season opener on Thursday. Despite the losses in Florida, the team is optimistic about their chances going forward, with valuable experience gained from the tough competition they faced during spring training.

The Braves’ hold has been a tough place for the Twins historically, with Minnesota never winning a game at CoolToday Park. The regular season will be an opportunity for the Twins to break this streak and improve their record against Atlanta.

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