Tesla Offers One-Month Trial of Full Self-Driving Feature Amid Sales and Margins Challenges

Tesla offers one-month trial of driver-assist technology for customers.

Tesla, the company known for its innovative electric vehicles and self-driving technology, is offering a one-month trial of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature to both new and existing customers in the United States. The move comes as Tesla faces pressure on sales and margins due to price competition and declining demand.

The FSD add-on feature costs $12,000 and allows vehicles to navigate city streets with limited driver input. However, Tesla emphasizes that its driver-assisting systems do not make their vehicles autonomous and still require active driver supervision. Despite this, CEO Elon Musk has faced criticism for failing to deliver on his promise of achieving full autonomy, leading to regulatory scrutiny over the safety and marketing of Tesla’s driver assistant software.

To address these concerns, Tesla staff are now required to provide demonstrations of FSD to new buyers and owners of serviced vehicles. This trial offer is available on new sales of Tesla models X, S, and Y according to the company’s website.

Tesla’s margins have been impacted by a price war with competitors, with the company warning of lower sales growth as it focuses on producing its next-generation EV, codenamed “Redwood.” In addition, Tesla is facing increased regulatory scrutiny in the United States and some European countries related to its self-driving systems and other areas. In response to safety concerns, Tesla recalled nearly all of its 2 million vehicles on US roads to install new safeguards.

The trial of FSD is seen as a strategic move by Tesla to boost sales and engagement with its driver-assist technology amid ongoing challenges in the electric vehicle market. With this trial offer, customers can experience firsthand how FSD works and determine if it is worth investing in for their own vehicles.

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