Tackling Deficits through Work: France’s Government to Host Seminar on Employment and Savings

Government unity on work and unemployment insurance led by Gabriel Attal

Amidst a growing deficit in the budget, the government is now taking steps to make savings. Gabriel Attal called for a seminar similar to a Council of Ministers meeting on Wednesday morning, focusing on work-related topics. The Prime Minister has stated that the government will prioritize rigor and responsibility with a focus on work, as more French people employed will lead to better financial stability.

The government’s seminar will address various issues such as encouraging people to return to work through reforms like the RSA and unemployment insurance. It will also discuss problems like de-employment, low wages, and new forms of work such as the four-day week, which are still in their experimental phase.

In 2023, France’s public deficit reached 5.5% of GDP according to INSEE, leading the government to make 10 billion euros in cuts in mid-February on the 2024 budget. Additional savings of “at least 20 billion” euros are necessary this year and especially in the 2025 budget. The government is exploring different ways to boost employment and save money, including a new unemployment insurance reform that unions are contesting.

One proposal being discussed is reducing the duration of compensation for the unemployed, with arguments suggesting structural reforms are necessary for full employment. This proposal could take up to a year before it has an impact on public accounts. The government is searching for financial margins to address the deficit, especially in areas where few margins currently exist within employment sectors.

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