Singapore: The Most Defended Country in the World with Impressive Military Capabilities

The tiny nation boasts a massive defense force: 100 fighter jets, 3800 armored vehicles, frigates and submarines

The Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore is renowned for its robust military capabilities, earning it the title of the most heavily defended country in the world by Wall Street Journal. Boasting a formidable arsenal of fighter planes, armored vehicles, and submarines, Singapore is a significant player in regional defense.

Singapore’s air force is equipped with an impressive array of aircraft designed for different purposes. The country operates 100 US-made fighter jets, including F-15E and F-16 aircraft, and has also ordered 12 F-35 fighters, making them a major force in the region.

Furthermore, Singapore’s ground forces are equally strong, with a significant number of main battle tanks and armored vehicles. The country’s navy is well-equipped with frigates, corvettes, submarines, and other naval vessels, showcasing its maritime capabilities.

Due to its small geographical size and lack of strategic depth, Singapore’s defense policy is strict. The country invests heavily in defense each year, with billions of dollars allocated to maintain their military capabilities.

Singapore’s wealth allows it to make substantial investments in its defense capabilities. Its high GDP per capita enables it to maintain a well-equipped and highly capable military force that serves as a deterrent to potential adversaries.

In conclusion, Singapore’s military strength is remarkable for its size, and its commitment to defense ensures that it remains well-prepared to defend itself against any threats.

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