Showalter’s Return to the YES Network: Baseball Legends and Management Moves

Sources confirm discussions between YES and Buck Showalter regarding joining Yankees’ regional network

The YES Network had plans to add both former New York Yankee manager Joe Girardi and potentially Buck Showalter to their team this offseason. However, the discussions with Showalter were more complicated due to his contract with the Mets, who had the right to prevent him from advancing talks with the regional sports network.

Showalter, who was fired by the Mets after a disappointing season, was being paid $4 million not to manage in 2024. Despite this, the Mets indicated that they would have allowed Showalter to work for YES if talks had progressed. However, once it was discovered that Showalter was still under contract, the discussions did not move forward.

Despite his limited role at YES being once-a-month appearances, Showalter’s potential addition to YES would have been significant due to his long history as a manager and analyst on TV. In comparison, Girardi’s addition to YES was more straightforward given his previous role as the Yankees’ manager before Boone.

Boone, the current Yankees manager, has not advanced past the American League Championship Series and failed to make the playoffs last year. It is unclear if Showalter would have accepted a position with YES given these circumstances surrounding Boone’s performance and his role on MLBN being more extensive.

However, despite these challenges, the discussions with Showalter demonstrate the network’s interest in adding experienced baseball professionals to their team. The YES Network continues its search for top talent and may explore other options before making a final decision on who will join their team for next season.

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