Revolutionizing Sports Analytics: NJIT Launches New Concentration in Business and Sports Data

NJIT introduces new concentration in sports analytics within the management school

The Martin Tuchman School of Management at the New Jersey Institute of Technology has announced a new concentration in business and sports data analytics that will be available to undergraduate students starting in the fall. This concentration will focus on teaching students the data science behind the booming sports industry, with a particular emphasis on the many professional and Division I collegiate teams in the New York metropolitan area, including NJIT’s own 17 Division I programs.

Analytics courses are already a part of several other concentrations in the School of Management, such as accounting systems, finance, innovation/entrepreneurship, management information systems, and marketing. Dean Oya Tukel explained that the goal of creating this new concentration was to incorporate advanced analytics courses with a focus on artificial intelligence, as this is becoming increasingly important in the business world. The emphasis will be on interpreting data and deriving insights for decision-making rather than simply crunching numbers in spreadsheets.

The Highlander teams at NJIT are excited about the potential for collaboration between their programs and students in the business and sports data analytics concentration. Athletics Director Lenny Kaplan emphasized the importance of using analytics in sports to gain a competitive edge, even with limited resources compared to other programs. By utilizing data from tools like heart monitors and sleep trackers, coaches can make informed decisions that may lead to strategic changes in gameplay and ultimately impact the outcome of a game.

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