Red, White, and Blue: The 1985 Patriots Uniform Voted Boston’s Best

Fans vote Classic Patriots as the best uniform in Boston sports history

The iconic 1985 Patriots uniform has been voted the best in Boston sports history. Despite recent success, the voters chose the classic red jerseys with “Pat Patriot” helmets as their favorite, beating out other legendary uniforms.

In the final round, the 1985 Patriots defeated the “Bobby Orr Bruins Era” uniforms to clinch the title. This wasn’t an easy victory – in a previous round, they had also defeated the No. 1 seed, the 2004 Red Sox, by a narrow margin of 54-46 percentage. In fact, this wasn’t even close to their toughest matchup in this bracket. The closest was between them and the Bobby Orr Era Bruins, with only 16 votes separating them in that round.

The iconic look of the 1985 Patriots was favored over many other great Boston sports teams. From football to baseball to basketball, they stood out as a clear favorite among voters. Overall, it’s clear that this classic uniform will always hold a special place in Boston sports history.

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