New Federal Grants Bolster Memphis Police Department’s Technology Capabilities

Federal Grant Awarded to Memphis Police for Technology and Camera Upgrades

In a recent announcement, the Memphis Police Department has secured nearly $2 million in federal grants to enhance its technology capabilities. This funding will be used to improve various aspects of policing efforts, including crime surveillance and officer equipment upgrades.

The Sentinel Surveillance Cameras Project will receive $963,000 of the grant, which will be used to purchase additional lights and cameras for use in law enforcement operations. This investment is aimed at enhancing the department’s ability to capture crime scenes and gather evidence.

In addition to the surveillance equipment upgrades, the department will also receive $969,000 for officer equipment improvements. One of these improvements includes body-worn cameras that automatically activate when certain conditions are met, such as the presence of blue lights or weapons being drawn. These cameras will help officers better document their interactions with suspects and provide a more accurate account of events.

During a press conference announcing the grant awards, Rep. Steve Cohen emphasized the importance of these funds in solving crimes and improving public safety. He was joined by Memphis Mayor Paul Young and interim Police Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis, who expressed their gratitude for Cohen’s work in securing the funding and highlighted the role technology plays in modern policing efforts.

“We need all the tools we can get to protect our community,” said Mayor Young during the press conference. “These federal grants are a crucial part of our efforts to ensure that our police officers have everything they need to do their jobs effectively.”

Interim Police Chief Davis agreed, noting that technology is becoming increasingly important in law enforcement operations. “With limited manpower, we need all the resources we can get to maximize our efforts,” he said during his remarks at the press conference. “These grants will help us do just that.”

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