New Chief Technology Officer at UTA Brings Expertise in AI and Cloud Computing to Transform Entertainment Industry

Eric Iverson appointed as UTA’s Chief Technology Officer, bringing extensive industry experience

UTA has appointed Eric Iverson as its Chief Technology Officer. Iverson was previously working at Amazon MGM Studios, where he led product and artificial intelligence initiatives. Prior to that, he held executive roles at CAA and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In his new role at UTA, Iverson will oversee the company’s global IT strategy during a time of rapid technological advancements, such as AI, which are transforming the industry. His office will be located in the Beverly Hills headquarters of UTA.

Iverson expressed his admiration for UTA’s innovative practices and commitment to leveraging technology to benefit clients and improve business outcomes. He highlighted the company’s leadership in digital, podcasting, and future-facing practices.

During his tenure at Amazon MGM Studios, Iverson played a key role in developing Amazon’s Next Generation Studio by incorporating cloud-based infrastructure, proprietary product development, and AI technologies. Prior to this, he held various positions at CAA and Sony Pictures Entertainment before becoming the CTO of Sony Pictures Television.

UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer praised Iverson’s vision and leadership skills at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Zimmer emphasized the importance of understanding how emerging technologies like AI can benefit the business and how Iverson’s team will focus on designing systems, products, and tools that drive innovation and enhance collaboration within the company.

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