Israel’s Health System: Room for Improvement with Hospital Bed Additions

Israel’s Health System Ranks at the Bottom of OECD Countries: A Troubling Report

According to a recent report, Israel had an average of 2.1 hospital beds per thousand people in general wards in 2022, which is below the average in developed countries. The country ranks fourth from the bottom on the list, with South Korea leading the way with 7.3 beds per thousand inhabitants. Germany follows closely behind with 5.8 beds per thousand people.

The rate of psychiatric hospitalization beds in Israel is even lower, at just 0.3 beds per thousand people, making it one of the lowest rates in the world. Belgium and Korea lead the way with 1.3 beds per thousand, while the OECD average is 0.1 beds per thousand people. In rehabilitation departments, Israel also lags behind, with only 0.3 beds per thousand people – below the OECD average of 0.5 beds per thousand people.

To address these issues and improve its health system for the future, the Ministry of Health has announced plans to add an additional 1,790 hospital beds over the next five years, bringing the total number of general hospital beds to around 17,500. Additionally, they plan to add 300 rehabilitation department beds and new centers are expected to open in Jerusalem and the north. Furthermore, they will be adding an additional 245 psychiatric ward beds as well.

Minister of Health Uriel Bosso emphasized that these additions are part of ongoing efforts to improve healthcare services for all residents of Israel by increasing medical personnel and improving accessibility and quality of care.

Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov highlighted that more funding is needed to enhance medical services for all residents of Israel and increase bed availability in hospitals.

Overall, these efforts demonstrate a commitment from the government towards improving healthcare services for all citizens by investing in additional resources and personnel to meet growing demand for healthcare services.

In conclusion, despite having lower rates of hospitalization compared to other developed countries but this does not mean that Israel’s health system is not good or not functioning well but it means there is room for improvement which is what government has recognized and taking action on it by adding more hospital bed units which will make sure that everyone gets access to quality care when they need it most

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