From Les Misérables to Interstellar: How Anne Hathaway Overcame Criticism and Industry Challenges in the 2010s

How Anne Hathaway fell out of favor with the world

Anne Hathaway, a talented actress, faced an onslaught of criticism during the press tour for her new film Mothers’ Instinct about ten years ago. Despite being successful in the industry, she was accused of being both too enthusiastic and earnest, as well as insincere and entitled. These accusations stemmed from her roles in lighter films like Valentine’s Day and Bride Wars, which made her a millennial version of Julia Roberts.

The Hollywood industry was going through a precarious state at the time, with movements like #MeToo and #OscarsSoWhite gaining traction. Hathaway was criticized for missing out on job opportunities due to her roles in both Les Misérables and lighter films. Looking back, she reflects on how this barrage of hostility derailed her career in the 2010s.

Despite the negative publicity, Hathaway credits Christopher Nolan for his support during a low point in her career by casting her in Interstellar. His belief in her talent allowed her to move forward and continue to pursue acting opportunities with renewed confidence.

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