Divide and Conquer: The Battle for Workers’ Rights in Finland

Central Chamber of Commerce board responds to CEO’s social media feud with AKT

On Monday, the Central Chamber of Commerce issued a rare statement on the labor market situation following a dispute between CEO Juho Romakkaniemi and Ismo Kokko, chairman of the AKT union. The organization, usually quiet in labor market disputes, commented on the crisis-ridden situation after Romakkaniemi urged SAK members to resign from their union and join the General Unemployment Fund.

In response to Romakkaniemi’s message, Kokko stated that the union would end its banking relationship with the OP group, where Romakkaniemi serves as CEO. Despite no official decision having been made on the termination of cooperation, tensions continued to rise between the parties.

The Central Chamber of Commerce board emphasized the importance of respecting the statutory right and freedom of every employee to organize or not as they wish. The organization highlighted the need to maintain a culture of agreement in the future and expressed concern over the ongoing industrial action measures affecting the Finnish economy.

Ritakallio, CEO of the OP group, stressed

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