Carleton University Launches Free Virtual Medical and Mental Health Resources for Students in Spring Term 2024

Carleton College enhances medical and mental health support for students through free virtual care with 24/7 availability

Carleton University is pleased to announce the launch of free virtual medical and mental health resources for its students, beginning on the first day of Spring Term 2024. This new service is an addition to the comprehensive health care services already provided by Carleton Student Health and Counseling (SHAC). The decision to offer virtual resources came after feedback from students, faculty, and staff, gathered by the Student Mental Health and Wellness Working Group over the past year, recommended investing in telehealth among other suggestions.

In partnership with TimelyCare, a secure and accredited platform that follows campus-specific protocols to ensure continuity of care, Carleton students will have access to convenient care, reduced wait times, a diverse provider network, and translation services supporting over 240 languages. These new resources are provided at no cost to students and do not require insurance billing.

Students will be able to access virtual care from licensed physicians and counselors located anywhere in the United States. The TimelyCare resources available to Carleton students include on-demand medical care, mental health and emotional support, mental health counseling, psychiatric support, health coaching, and digital self-care content such as meditation and yoga sessions.

This service is particularly beneficial for students studying abroad or spending College breaks outside of the U.S., who will have access to on-demand mental health and emotional support 24/7. This access is crucial for students participating in off-campus study programs who may need care while away from campus. For more information on the medical and mental health resources available to Carleton students, they can visit the SHAC website.

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