Belgians on the Double: The Rise of Second Jobs and Part-Time Work in the Land of Waffles

Over 250,000 Belgians juggle multiple jobs

In recent years, the number of people in Belgium with a second job has steadily increased. According to data from the Belgian statistics agency Statbel, approximately 260,000 people, or 5.2% of the working population, have a second job. This is an increase from 3.8% in 2018 and represents a growing trend.

One of the main reasons for this increase is the desire for additional income. Highly educated individuals, particularly those aged 25 to 49, are more likely to have a second job to supplement their primary income. In fact, more women than men now hold multiple jobs due to gender equality and the need for flexible work arrangements.

Another factor contributing to this trend is the rise in self-employment. Most people with second jobs are entrepreneurs or freelancers who choose to work part-time or on a project basis rather than full-time. Popular industries for self-employed workers include human health and social services, education, and wholesale and retail trade.

Part-time work is also on the rise in Belgium, with about 26% of salaried employees now working part-time. Women are more likely than men to work part-time due to caregiving responsibilities for children or others. However, many men also choose to work part-time for personal reasons such as hobbies or other interests. The most popular part-time schedule among both genders is four-fifths (or three-quarters).

Overall, having a second job and working part-time are becoming increasingly common practices in Belgium as more people seek flexible work arrangements and additional income opportunities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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