AI’s Digital Great Game: Policymakers Struggle to Regulate Evolving Technology

US and EU Disagree on AI Regulations: Will China Intervene? – POLITICO

As technology continues to evolve, policymakers are struggling to regulate AI. This was highlighted during a recent debate attended by prominent figures such as former British deputy prime minister Clegg, Washington, and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. In this discussion, Clegg emphasized the challenges of governing an ever-changing technological landscape.

The ongoing political battle over AI control is far from resolved. This new digital Great Game has created a power struggle that will ultimately determine the rules that govern this era-defining technology. Once these rules have been established, they will be difficult to change.

Those who observed the debate felt like they were witnessing 19th-century European powers dividing the world. Amba Kak from the AI Now Institute described it as an alternate reality. Despite their differences, 29 countries, including China, EU members, and the United States, signed a voluntary agreement to reduce risks associated with AI technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT at the end of the meeting.

As policymakers anticipate finalizing many new AI standards by the end of 2024, there will be a fierce battle for control over this disruptive technology. POLITICO interviewed numerous politicians, policymakers, and tech executives to gain insights into the dynamics at play in this complex process.

In conclusion, controlling AI is a complex issue that requires careful consideration and regulation to ensure its safe and ethical use. The ongoing political battle over AI control highlights the need for continued dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders in order to establish clear guidelines and standards that benefit both society and industry alike.

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