A holistic approach to crisis intervention: Raleigh’s Alternate Crisis Response Program combines expertise and perspectives for more effective care

Continued Efforts in Raleigh to Implement Alternate Crisis Response Program for Mental Health Services

A more holistic approach to crisis intervention is being pursued in Raleigh as efforts to create an Alternate Crisis Response Program progress. Over the past few months, the city has conducted extensive research and feedback sessions to develop the program, which includes social workers, peer support specialists, EMS personnel, and police officers working together to respond to specific 911 calls.

Dorine Martin, who has been working with mental health patients for twenty years, supports this effort. She believes that increasing services, reducing stigma around mental health care, and promoting overall community health are crucial goals. Martin is eagerly anticipating the team’s upcoming April update to the city council.

The integration of different expertise and perspectives into emergency response teams represents a significant shift towards a more comprehensive approach to crisis intervention. By addressing the root causes of emergencies and providing more effective and compassionate care to those in need, this program aims to improve mental health care and emergency services for residents of Raleigh.

To learn more about the Alternate Crisis Response Program in Raleigh and how it is making a positive impact on the community, click here for additional information on this initiative. The city’s commitment to creating a more supportive crisis response system is a step towards improving mental health care and emergency services for all residents.

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